1960’s Transcripts
A transcript is an exact copy of the things said during an interview. These interviews are with people who lived in our area during the 1960s.


What was the Birkdale area like in the 1960s?


Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Interview with Jackie Hall

What personal events in the 1960s affected your life?

I remember the 1960s because of the assassination of President Kennedy and
all the problems that were associated with the whole situation and my
generation of course was of course was just stunned by that kind of news
and you ask anybody of my generation, they will tell you exactly where they
were when the news came through about John Kennedy and I can tell you exactly where I was. I was about to go away for the weekend and it was a Friday afternoon and we were still stunned over the weekend that such an event
could happen and since then lots of things have changed in the world and that’s only a little event so to speak. During those times I think there were wars was it the Vietnam War and I remember going to the movies and you would get news on the movies in those days and you would see the helicopters and it was very depressing in many regards because you just didn’t know where things were going to go and I just had a new family and those were the things that I can recall.

When you heard about John F. Kennedy was it all over the radio?

Yes. We didn’t even have television in those days, we just had the radio and
it was on the radio and we couldn’t get enough information. You just didn’t find out enough. With the advent of television much later of course it is easy to get to the bottom of what’s going on so that probably helped peoples anxiety.


Landing on the Moon

Interview with Jackie Hall

Did you hear about Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon?

Yes I can tell you when that was too. I was teaching, as I hadn’t even gone out to teaching, I had gone on section and it happened. I was sitting in the classroom and they actually did have TV in that class for all the kids because it was such a historical event so that was another sign of the times and at the time of course there was all the problems between Russia and America and world power and America and threatened Russia because they were building missiles in Cuba. All that kind of had a cloud over the 60s in terms for me because I was newly marriage and I had young children and we didn’t know where things were going.


The Riot in Mt Eden Jail

Interview with Jackie Hall

Do you remember the riots at Mt Eden jail?

Yes I do. They didn’t impact on me as much as they could have because probably they were a television thing and we didn¹t have TV so I heard it on the news and I saw it in the newspaper and I didn¹t spend a lot of time wondering about it.

So was it over the radios and things?

Yes it was on the radio yes.


Interview with Jackie Hall

What were the uniforms like in the school?

Right in the 60s. Probably they were gym frocks. There wasn’t the variety of
colour and design in uniforms then. Now I am just trying to think. I didn’t actually go teaching until 1971 so I was trained in 1969 and I taught first at Takapuna Normal and they had a uniform of course because they were a brand new school so it was fairly plain, it wasn’t very colourful. It was a black and white, ah black and green skirt and white and today you can get a lot more interesting variations in the uniforms.

Were there mini skirts and things?

Yes I can remember having a mini skirt and I quite liked the idea. It was quite neat to have a mini skirt and high heel shoes.


World Heavy Weight Boxing Contest

Interview with Rachel Niven

I tell you another thing that interests me. We all stopped. The whole school
stopped with Cassius Clay who is now Muhammad Ali. In those days he was
Cassius Clay and people who had radios and we all stood at Northcote
College and listened to the radio.

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