Wellington, New Zealand

Principal Richard Coote, Technology Team Leader, Sharon Jones and Teacher, Francie Lawless attended the 16th International Conference on Thinking in Wellington. There they meet and listened to David Perkins and Ron Richhart from Harvard, Robert Swartz from the National Centre for the Teaching of Thinking and Edward de Bono. During the conference they went on a behind the scenes visited to Weka Workshops.


February 16, 2013 |

Wolong Panda Reserve 2008

Chengdu, China

Miss Angela Chitty travelled to Chengdu during the September holidays. Chengdu is a city of 10.5 million people in the province of Sichuan in southwest China. After a couple of days exploring the city she worked and lived at the Wolong Panda Reserve, cleaning out enclosures, preparing food, assisting with medical care and helping to collect behavioural data on pandas.

Panda-1  Panda-2

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Warwick, England

Mrs Needham who leads our Gifted and Talented programmes and Miss Moller who is the other half of the GATE Team presented our students work at the 17th Biennial World Conference, University of Warwick, England. The conference had speakers from all over the World such as Dr Chris Yapp head of Public Sector Innovation at Microsoft, Prof. Francoys Gagne President of Giftedness Quebec and Professor at University of Quebec and Prof. Jiahnnong Shi Director of the Centre for Supernormal Children and the Director of Centre of Human Development and Education at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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Norrkoping, Sweden

Mr Coote and Mr Neubert were asked to speak at the 13th International Conference on Thinking in Sweden. Held in the City of Norrkoping 100km south of Stockholm the conference was attended by 1,200 people from all over the world. They spoke about our problem-based learning approach where our students are challenged to solve ‘real world’ problems. They also talked about the way we are directly teaching our students ways to improve their critical thinking, Research that shows our students success with improving their critical thinking skills was a feature of their presentation.

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JAPAN 2005

Aichi Nagoya, Japan

In 2005, Mr Munsami, one of our technology teachers, was awarded a scholarship. He used this to visit the World Expo in Aichi Nagoya, Japan. He has returned with some interesting ideas to strengthen our technology programme. He looked particularly closely at robotics, animation, transport systems, urban planning, food and biotechnology.




Melbourne, Australia

In July 2005 Mr Coote, Mr Neubert, Mrs Needham, Mrs Bush along with Mrs Grant from Team Solutions and the principals and teachers from Kauri Park, Birkdale North, St Marys, Birkenhead and Beach Haven schools travelled to Melbourne, Australia to attend the 12th International Conference on Thinking. The conference was held in the Melbourne Convention Centre, located on the Yarra River.

They meet and talked to international experts on the teaching of thinking skills. People such as:

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SAMOAN TRIPS 2004 – 2005

Lotofaga, Samoa
In 2004 Mrs Murray and Mr Neubert took a group of 14 students on an 8 day trip to Samoa. The students had the opportunity to visit two schools, Robert Louis Stevenson Primary in Apia and the other, Lotofaga Primary on the south coast of Upolu. Other activities included sampling a traditional umu, snorkling amazing coral reefs, shopping in local markets, and attending White Sunday church.


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New Orleans, United States of America

In 2004 Mr Coote, Mrs Dysart and Mrs Yelas from St Marys School travelled to New Orleans to attend the conference. More than 16,000 teachers, technology coordinators, library media specialists, teacher educators, administrators, policy makers, and industry representatives from all over the world gathered at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in the heart of New Orleans.

The conference was organised by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) a nonprofit professional membership society. ISTE has a worldwide membership of leaders, supporting improved learning, teaching, and administration and teacher education by promoting effective uses of information technology.

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NAVCON 2K3, 2003

Adelaide, Australia

From the 29 September to 2 October Mr Coote and Miss Seaton along with the Principals and ICT Lead Teachers from the schools in our area attended an information and communication technology conference called Navcon2k3. The conference was around the question, “What are the challenges in education to transform learning environments, schools, their communities and systems into learning organisations actively promoting powerful learning to create a future full of opportunities and possibilities for all learners?”

Set in the brand new, ground-breaking Australian Science and Mathematics School at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, the conference focused on three main areas:

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Mrs Murray and Miss Lawson took a group of students to Fiji. The students travelled right around the main island visiting schools, villages, cultural centres and Parliament. Numerous people from Fiji were interviewed and filmed by the students.
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