Fia Fia Night – A Huge Success.  To celebrate Samoan Language Week, our Pasifika group performed with pride and showed their talents off on Friday night.  Thank you to all the parents who made this night an amazing experience for all.

fia 1Fia 2


Mr Coote retires after leading BIS for 19 years

The school farewelled our Principal Mr Coote at a special assembly and we all wish him well in his retirement.

Mr Matt Sides will be Acting Principal in Term 1, 2018 while the Board of Trustees makes a well considered appointment of the new principal. article: “Birkdale Intermediate School principal retires after two decades of serving students”.


Field of Remembrance
A Field of Remembrance has been set up under two large trees in our grounds. The Fields of Remembrance Trust, established to provide Kiwis with the opportunity to honour those who served their country in World War I, and the Ministry of Education have formed a partnership to support all schools and kura in commemorating the sacrifice of our veterans in the first modern war, a war that engulfed most of the planet.


Our thanks to Richard Abraham from the toy shop Natures Window for the large 3D Tuatara now in our library

An educational toy shop in Milford Mall called Natures Window is closing down. Mr Coote was in there shopping and asked what they were going to do with a large 3D Tuatara that was on the wall. Richard Abraham the owner was happy to see it go to a school library. Kate Lang the artist who created the tuatara has also worked on polystyrene sculptures on film sets for Zena Warrior Princess and Hercules. She also made a large Americas Cup for the parade down Queen Street.


DSC_0145New science Quest with students from China. The students are investigating the use of hydroponics to feed astronauts in space.





New Food for AstronIMG_2600auts Science Quest Over last weekend 81 of our students worked here at school as buddies for 120 Students from Ningbo, China. They completed a mini science Quest that looked at how astronauts will be feed on a long space journey to Mars. After listening to video interviews with a scientist from China and hydroponics experts form New Zealand they went on to plant three seedlings in a large hydroponic setup we have here in our Technology Centre. All the students involved are to be congratulated for the friendly way they helped our visitors from China.

‘We have been growing and looking after plants using hydroponics and so far our results have been good. We have been using Fair Testing and comparing whether it is better to grow plants in dirt or water. We have been monitoring the plants for a week and most look healthy. We will be looking after the plants for eight weeks, measuring them every Friday and letting the students from China know how their plants are going by using “WeChat”. “WeChat” is an application where you get to see and talk to people through a device. You can use a phone, tablet, a computer or a laptop. We are enjoying learning about hydroponics and researching with our buddies from China. We cannot wait to see the final results.’ Written by Shadae Chan Valentine (R15) and Ellie Humphries (R2)


Tuesday - Y7 Birkenhead LC5Throughout this week all Year 8 classes have had EOTC activities outside of school. It was a great privilege to visit Long Bay to do team building, to learn about how to keep ourselves safe in the water, and the Birkenhead Leisure Centre. We ere very lucky to have great teachers there to help and support us. The highlights for me were climbing the high ropes at the Leisure centre, and working together as a team in the challenges at Long Bay. By Grace Room 1




Our annual House Haka Competition was held today. Congratulations to Rimu the winning House! After the competition the whole school joined in for one combined Haka.

Kaden is shown here with his Auckland Marathon Charity medal for raising over $1,000 for bowel cancer and his Auckland KIDs Marathon medal. Kaden came 22nd out of 152 runners in his Division. Well done Kaden!


International Day

Our student council organised an International Day where we all wore traditional costumes from many different countries and celebrated the cultural diversity in our school.



Local Artist Donates Art Work

Niki Hill has kindly donated a work titled Camellia Dragon. It is hanging in the entrance to our Arts Centre. The camellias that make up the dragons body come from camellia bushes here in our grounds.

Camellia Dragon. Square frame

New Exhibition in Our Art Gallery

This exhibition is the work of our visual arts teacher Jo Bradbeer. She has her paintings and jewellery on display. You are most welcome to come in and view the exhibition between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

DSC_0336 12.09.18 PM

Starting the Change

Over last weekend Joshua Green and Bella Cancare participated in a clean-up in Stanicich Reserve. The clean-up was organised by Starting the Change, an organisation which is devoted to protecting the environment by organising reserve and beach clean-ups and tree planting. This is the third clean-up Joshua has participated in with Starting the Change. You can check this project out at


Donation of Butterflies

Our thanks to Mike Ashby from a local company Biosuppliers who has donated 6 wonderful butterflies so our students can look at them under the microscope in the library. Its fascinating to see the scales on their wings which are not clearly visible without a microscope. During the last visit by ERO one of the team said they could see one of the school’s educational values, that of curiosity, reflected throughout the school. It generous donation like this one that allow us to enhance our students curiosity which is a valued goal of our school.


New Netball Uniforms

Our thanks to Haydn & Rollett for their generous sponsorship of new netball dresses for all our teams.


International Day

We have celebrated ‘International Day’. We wore traditional costumes from many different countries and celebrated the cultural diversity in our school. Many classes enjoyed a shared lunch, bringing in international dishes to share.


50th Anniversary Reunion

Last Friday we had a very pleasant evening with a group of ex-pupils and teachers who came to join us in celebrating the 50 years since our school opened in 1965. We went on a tour of the school to see the changes that have taken place here. We talked about old friends, catching up with all the changes in peoples lives. Our thanks to our present staff who sorted class photographs and set up the hall so we could all have a great evening reminiscing.
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Dagmara R14 was awarded a silver medal at the North Harbour Science and Technology Fair for her investigation titled Operation Germicide. The awards ceremony was held at school in the Goodwin Theatre. Congratulations Dagmara.


A new gym curtain has been installed as the first stage of turning the hall into a gymnasium. The curtain will protect the house banners, data projector etc while games are on.



New TigerTurf courts are now in full use.


Improving our sports facilities.

TigerTurf 1TigerTurf 2

The all weather TigerTurf surface will improve the courts for hockey, football, basketball, netball, rugby and our physical education programme. It is an exciting improvement to our sports facilities. Thank you to all our parents who made their voluntary donations and supported our fundraising as these made this improvement to our sports facilities possible.


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.06.51 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.45.23 AM


Girls cricket team win 3 out of 3 games at the North Harbour cricket field day. Well done girls!

Girls Cricket Team


A new permanent 9 hole disc (frisbee) golf course has been put up in our grounds. It is the first permanent disc golf course in a New Zealand school.




The Hundertwasser Non Profit Foundation in Vienna, Austria has kindly donated 50 enamel beautiful Hundertwasser onion dome badges to help our fundraising. We are offering one each to the first 50 people to make a donation of $20. If you would like to take up this offer please send your donation to our office.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.26.05 AM


We are fundraising to pay for the pavement under Hundertwasser’s Pavilion for Nature.

If you would like to contribute to this wonderful work of Art please donate at:

Pavilion for Nature 2


The roof is on on our new library entrance

Designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser the ‘Pavilion for Nature’ is a colourful and interesting new entrance to our library. A 130 ton crane lifted the roof onto the ceramic covered columns.



Both our boys and girls tag teams make the North Shore finals

This year is the first time our tag teams have entered the North Harbour competition. They played well with both teams coming second. Well done to everyone involved in such a successful competition.

blessing tag


Exhibition of Auckland Artist Zeke Wolf’s ceramics

The latest exhibition in our Art Gallery features the work of Auckland artist Zeke Wolf. Zeke’s plates can be seen in a number of galleries and shops including Te Papa. The plates on display are from his most recent work and show the influence of David Hockney. Zeke saw David’s landscape paintings and these plates show that influence. If you are interested please call in and view the exhibition. You can see more of Zeke’s work at ‘Art by the Sea’ Gallery in Devonport.



New Murals go on Display

Over the summer holidays 14 murals created in 2013 by high ability visual arts students from across the school were placed on the walls of our theatre, They are at the entrance to our visual arts studio. The murals add a great deal of colour to what has been up to now a rather plain entranceway. Congratulations to Liam, Katie, Sydney, Keegan, Gian, Connor, Kate, Daegan, Duncan, Hannah, Kjirsti, Lizzy, Corinne and Emily.

Murals Murals 2


A Great White Shark now hangs in our Library


Constructed by students Nina, Tyela, Dariah and Alyvia using plaster bandages over a blowup pool toy. This continues the development of a Jules Verne theme decided on by our student council a few years ago. The shark is swimming next to the centre piece a steam punk submarine. In 2014 a student team will add pterodactyls to complete the theme. Great whites are the largest predatory fish on Earth. They grow to an average of 4.6 metres in length, though specimens exceeding 6 metres and weighing up to 2,268 kilograms have been recorded. Our shark is a baby at 2 metres in length. They have slate-gray upper bodies to blend in with the rocky coastal sea floor, but get their name from their universally white underbellies. They are streamlined, torpedo-shaped swimmers with powerful tails that can propel them through the water at speeds of up to 24 kilometres per hour. They can even leave the water completely, breaching like whales when attacking prey from underneath. Thanks girls for all the hard work you put into this fantastic model.


Birkenhead College Art Students Exhibit in Our Gallery

Our latest exhibition in the Gallery is of Birkenhead College students work. Most of the artists are former students of Birkdale Intermediate School and it is great  to see the evolution of their artwork  since their move to college. It also gives our current students a chance to see how their art-making skills could develop if they wish to take art at college. All of the work is by Year 11 and 12 students, with a range of photography, painting and sculpture. You are most welcome to visit the Gallery and view the art between 8:00am and 4:pm.


Dr Who’s Tardis Lands in Our Library

Thanks to the hard work and skill of our caretaker Mario Thrasyvoulou we now have a new bookcase in the shape of the Tardis. The bookcase holds our science fiction books. Many of these have been purchased using a $5,000 grant for new books we received recently from the ASB Community Trust.




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