NAVCON 2K3, 2003

Adelaide, Australia

From the 29 September to 2 October Mr Coote and Miss Seaton along with the Principals and ICT Lead Teachers from the schools in our area attended an information and communication technology conference called Navcon2k3. The conference was around the question, “What are the challenges in education to transform learning environments, schools, their communities and systems into learning organisations actively promoting powerful learning to create a future full of opportunities and possibilities for all learners?”

Set in the brand new, ground-breaking Australian Science and Mathematics School at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, the conference focused on three main areas:

* learning and thinking

* learning and leading

* learning and technology

Presenters shared their discoveries on what constitutes effective strategies in education today. Keynote presenters included Yoram Harpaz and Adam Lefstein, both of whom presented challenging ideas on pedagogical reform.

During the conference Mr Coote was able to visit the workshop of Sundials Australia to see the school’s new sundial being made.


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