School Trips


EOTC Week for 2018 will be 26 November – 30 November

Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is an important part of our educational programmes. It brings the real World into our studies and gives us a chance to complete research, make observations and gain first hand experiences.

Some of the activities our classes have undertaken include:

Rocky Shore Investigations

Groups from our school monitor Castor Bay’s rocky shore to see how well life is surviving in this harsh environment. They investigate and describe special features of common animals or plants which help them stay alive and survive into the next generation. It adds to our understanding of the Hauraki Gulf which is so important to the life of our city. Each student has the task of becoming the class expert on a particular animal or plant and report on it’s special features for survival. As part of this work they form a question about the chosen species that can be investigated at the shore.

Geology Tour

Classes from our school visit the lava flows and sedimentary rocks visible at Takapuna Beach as part of a study of local geology. They look at the fossil forest at Black Rock and the sedimentary rocks and fossils at Clifton Beach.


Each year we set a number of challenging physical activities such as rock climbing, archery, high ropes, kayaking, raft building and team problem solving for our students.
Sports Camp
Each year a group of students represent us at the Intermediate Schools Sports Camp at Totara Springs in Matamata. These students compete in 35 sports over 5 days all while being away from home – this is a different type of education, which will stay with the students for many years to come.
Every second year a group of our students visit Shun Shui Middle School, Yu Yao, China. The school is near the major city of Ningbo and the coast south of Shanghai.
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