Sport And Play

We believe in providing a playground where you can relax, have fun, and be challenged in a well supervised and safe environment.


There are a variety of sporting events and teams. Each child has the opportunity to be involved.

Term 1

Swimming, Fun Run, Softball, Rugby League, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Waterpolo.

Term 2

Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Waterpolo.

Term 3

Basketball, Dance Sport, Volleyball, Cross Country, Waterpolo.

Term 4

Orienteering, Athletics, Touch, Waterpolo.

Playground Safety

Our playground has an astronomical viewing structure that doubles as a climbing frame called Pipehenge, a rock climbing wall and a fitness trail. All equipment meets New Zealand playground safety standards.

Comments about our playground by the Birkenhead Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour;

“Most students were actively involved in lunchtime activities. Use of equipment was extensive with many games being played over a large part of the lunch break.”

“A wide range of activities was observed – most were of an active nature.”

“The observations of negative incidents were minimal, generally handled by the students themselves.”

A comment by the Educational Review Office;

“Respectful, affirming relationships with peers and with teachers are evident.”

November 19, 2012 |