The Technology Centre

Welcome to our Technology Centre which was opened in 2003 by the Prime Minister, Helen Clark. Students are offered opportunities to develop their Technological skills using our problem-based learning and thinking skills. Class sizes of around 20 means that these teachers can offer a high quality programme to each student. The Technology Centre has four studios, food and bio technology, soft materials, robotics and electronics and hard materials.


The Technology Centre is staffed by two specialist teachers, lead by Mrs Sharon Jones and supported by Mrs Kushlagh Thompson.
As in all areas of learning in the school, students are encouraged to show initiative, be creative, independent, reflective and take responsibility for not only their learning, but their practical work as well.

Studio One: Mrs KushlaghThompson. –Hard Materials: Design and construct products using a selection of materials including tin and aluminium, native woods, plastics and a range of natural materials.

Studio Two: Mrs Kushlagh Thompson – Robotics, 3D printing and Electronics: Creating products involving simple circuits, designing, constructing and programming robots for specific situations. Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) and printing products using a 3D printer.

Studio Three: Mrs Sharon Jones- Food Technology: Food Technology with a focus on nutrition,the students design their own recipes to suit the wants and needs of their clients.

Studio Four: Mrs Sharon Jones Soft Materials: Working through the design process and exploring fabric construction techniques by using appropriate tools to create a product that meets a need or an opportunity.

Technology Clubs: Gate Robotics. This is an extention programme run during class time throughout the year. The students apply in writing to Mrs Thompson and as there are limited spaces some may be disappointed, but students do not have to have prior experience in robotics. Students learn and extend their skills in Robotics in different platforms and culminates in Robo Cup Competitions. After our excellent success at Nationals in Robo Cup last year we are keen to include able students in our team to continue with our Strive For Excellence.

Code Club: Held after school on 2 separate afternoons. There is a beginner and an advanced class. Places are limited to 20 students and students need to apply each term.

EPRO8 Competition: is a annual comeptiton conducted nationwide. This encompassess engineering, problem solving and innovation within a real life senario which the students need to solve. We have achieved exceptionlly well in the last 2 years, last year, being the Regional Winners in Auckland for our age group. Students will train for these competitions, there will be a cost to enter the competition.


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