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Alicia Tutara: Room 1

Nau Mai Haere Mai Room 1.

Welcome Year 7 students to Room 1 and the to Kereru Syndicate and to the next stage in your learning journey. As first year students of Birkdale Intermediate you will have an opportunity to be involved in exciting events, take on new challenges both in and out of the classroom and everything we have planned for 2018.
I also would like to say welcome to the parents and families of Room 1. I look forward to meeting you throughout the year. I invite and encourage your involvement in your child’s learning and development. As this is their first year they will need your support, time and encouragement in their learning.
This year students will be learning Te Reo Maori and Mandarin. This will provide knowledge of the language and traditions of both cultures. Kia Haneanea to tatou tau. Looking forward to a great year!

Term 1 –This term we will develop new routines, habits and connections with those around us to be successful both in and out of school.

Independent and organisation habits are encouraged throughout this term. I ask that parents and family support and encourage this by signing the homework diary each week and by establishing nightly homework routines.

We start our term off with a Science Quest “Let The Buyer Beware”.
This allows the student to explain and decide which living area is best suited for a buyer. Poetry is our focus for Reading and Writing.
Mathematics this term begins with Number and Algebra (place value, addition and subtraction), and finishes with Geometry and Measurement (estimating and measuring). There are many other events during the term to look forward to such as Swimming Sports, Meet the Teacher Evening, Softball Zone day, Shore to Shore Fun Run, and boys and girls Cricket Zone days.
I encourage all children to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

Term 2 –We start this term with a great Quest “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. This uses the thinking skill ‘forming a well-founded judgment’. Then we end the term with Science Fair. This is a great way using or learning investigation skills by fair testing. Students should start thinking about interesting topics to investigate for Science Fair. For both Reading and Writing, we are focusing on creative writing. We do this by using concepts of myths and legends. This is a great unit to learn our own myths and legends. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (multiplication and division), and Statistics (grouping – constructing and interpreting) this will help them with Science Fair. This term we also have our first written academic report and Student Led Conferences.

Term 3 –We start this term with Science Fair and end it with “Waste not, Want not”. This uses the thinking skill ‘compare and contrast’, where students will decide how to reduce their waste stream.
For Reading we will be completing a novel study from the ‘Nitty Gritty’ series. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (fractions, ratios, percentages and decimals), and Geometry and Measurement (symmetry, transformations and angles). This term has the highly competitive school and North Shore Mathex competition. Further events include the School Production, Sports Camp, Science Fair and Cross Country.

Term 4 –Our last two Quests for the year are “Predicting the Weather” and “Filemoni’s Dilemma”. Using the thinking skill compare and contrast they will decide if Filemoni should leave his homeland or come to New Zealand. For Reading, we focus on biographies in the “Hero or Villian” Quest. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (patterns and relationships), Geometry and Measurement (time, date and change, shape and space, location and bearings). Students also have school and North Shore Athletics, EOTC week, and final academic reports to look forward to.

I am looking forward to a great year and working closely with students, parents and family. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so. You can do so by ringing the school or email or leave a message in your child’s homework diary. If you have any concerns or queries. You can keep up to date with what is happening at school through the Birkdale Bulletin newsletter that is emailed out each Friday. The newsletter has articles featuring our activities and successes for the week. Do not forget to “like” or “follow” our Facebook page, as this is another interactive way to find out what’s happening in our school community.

Nga mihi nunui ki a koutou katoa.

Whaea Alicia Tutara

November 22, 2012 |

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