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Kia Ora and welcome to Room 1!

My name is Katrina Bush and I am the team leader for Kereru Syndicate. I have many years of experience teaching at Birkdale Intermediate and have developed many good relationships with the families that make up this vibrant community. I look forward to getting to know the families of this years students. It would be greatly appreciated if parents would monitor assigned homework tasks (approximately 4 hours per week), assist with spelling and sign the students’ homework every week. I would also like to encourage all parents to contact me to discuss any aspect of their childrens learning.

Term 1 – Our first term is always a very busy one. Children will be adapting to new routines and improving their work and study skills. There will be many opportunities for students to have new learning sporting and cultural experiences. Our school uses a Problem Based Learning approach, which involves real problems where children learn vital problem solving skills. The first Quest this term is “Let the Buyer Beware”. The students will use skilful compare and contrast in order to make an informed decision based on the geology of two coastal locations. As part of this Science Quest, we have planned a field trip to Takapuna Beach and Thornes Bay. Our second Quest is ‘Pocahontas’ which asks the question; Is Disney’s portrayal of Pocahontas accurate? In English we will be focusing on Poetry. Mathematics in term one starts with a focus on addition, subtraction and algebraic equations. It concludes with Geometry and Measurement. Throughout the term problem-solving strategies will be taught. The children will also be completing PAT tests early in the term. I encourage parents to monitor homework tasks, spelling lists and sign homework books once a week. The homework book also offers a direct means of communication between yourself and the teacher that is specifically about your child. I encourage you to use it and I look forward to hearing from you. ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening will be in term one and I hope to meet all of my parents and whanau in order to establish meaningful relationships for our learners. In addition to all this, we have the Shore-to-Shore Fun Run, Softball and Cricket zone days, and Swimming Sports! During this year you child will also learn some te reo Maori and Spanish! What a busy start!

Term 2 – In the second term we will continue focusing on thinking skills with two new Quests, “Disaster Strikes” and “Science Fair”. The Science Fair Quest is an exploration of fair testing which culminates in a school wide Science Fair to share students’ results with the whole school. In English we will be focusing on Myths and Mythology. For mathematics this term we will be starting off with Algebra with a particular focus on multiplication and division. We will then be moving into Number Strategies and Equations & Expressions. At the end of this term, the first Written Academic Reports will be sent home and will be followed by Student/Parent/Teacher conferencing.

Term 3 – Lights, Camera, Action! Birkdale Intermediate’s school production offers a fantastic opportunity for our aspiring actors and actresses to step into the spotlight. There are also non-acting roles that allow students with other talents to participate in the school production. The first quest for term three is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, which asks students to think about the true meaning of sportsmanship. This comes at a highly relevant time, as the Olympics will be taking place during this unit! They will also be able to use their own knowledge of sportsmanship to help them complete this unit. Mathematics this term will start with Algebra – looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Geometry and Measurement will cover symmetry, transformations and angles in the second half of the term. In P.E. we will start training for the upcoming Athletics Day in term 4. The Cross-country Run also takes place during this term, where students will have the opportunity to shine after six months of working on their fitness.

Term 4 – The last term usually races by with everyone looking forward to summer. Our final Quest is “Filemoni’s Dilemma”. This unit focuses on understanding how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and how this has consequences for different people. In P.E. we will continue improving our fitness levels and will participate in the annual Athletics Day as well as EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom). The students revisit Number and Algebra covering Patterns and Relationships. To finish off the year we move on to Geometry and Measurement with a focus on time, rate and change. In the last three weeks of term the children look at Geometry again but this time, shape & space (location and bearing) will be covered. Final written Academic Reports will go home at the end of term.

You can keep up to date through our weekly school newsletter, Birkdale Bulletin, which goes home every Friday. It has articles on our activities and successes.

Please feel free to email me regarding any queries you have at

Kind Regards,

Katrina Bush

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