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Emily Creasey Room 3

Hello and welcome to all of the students and parents of Room 3. I am looking forward to working with a great group of children over the next year. We have many exciting activities planned throughout the year for children to get involved in.

Term 1

Term 1 is a busy one. Children will be adapting to new routines and improving their work and study skills. There will be many opportunities for students to have new learning experiences. The school uses a Problem Based Learning approach which involves real problems where children learn vital problem solving skills. The first science unit for the year is “Let the Buyer Beware” Whilst studying this we go on a field trip to Takapuna to look at the types of rocks along our coastlines. After this we will be moving on to a unit of work called “Pocahontas”. Mathematics in term one starts with a focus on addition, subtraction and algebraic equations followed by PAT’S. It concludes with Geometry and Measurement. Throughout the term problem solving strategies will be taught. Both English and Mathematics will be taught five times a week. I encourage parents to monitor homework tasks, spelling lists and sign homework books once a week. The homework book also offers a direct means of communication between yourself and the teacher that is specifically about your child. I encourage you to use it and I look forward to hearing from you. Meet the teacher evening happens in term one and I hope to see as many parents there as possible.

Term 2

In term two your child will have settled into the new routines at the school and have started receiving sleeve badges showing their involvement in the school. The Quest for term two is “ Disaster Strikes”. Towards the end of the term Science Fair will be introduced. This provides your child with an opportunity to explore an area of science that interests them. For maths this term we will be starting off with Algebra with a particular focus on multiplication and division. We will then be moving into Number strategies and Equations & Expressions. At this time the first written academic report goes home and will be followed by Student/Parent/Teacher conferencing.

Term 3

Mathematics this term starts off with algebra, looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Geometry and Measurement will cover symmetry, transformations and angles in the second half of the term. The school production offers those aspiring actors an opportunity to step onto the stage. After working on our fitness for six months the Cross-country-run should be a lot of fun for the children taking part. The Quest for term three is ”Faster, Higher Stronger” which looks at the pressures athletes face. This will tie in well with the Olympic Games.

Term 4

In term four there is an Athletics Day as well as EOTC days. (Education outside the Classroom). The children revisit Number and Algebra covering patterns and relationships. To finish off the year we move on to Geometry and Measurement with a focus on time, rate and change. The Quest for term four is “Filemoni’s Dilema” In the last three weeks of term the children look at geometry again, but this time shape & space (Location and bearing) will be covered. Final written academic reports will go home at the end of term. You can keep up to date through our weekly school newsletter Birkdale Bulletin, which comes home every Friday. It has articles on our activities and successes.

Please feel free to email me regarding any queries you might have.

Kind Regards,

Emily Creasey

November 21, 2012 |

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