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Vikki Glenn: Room 4

Welcome to Room 4.

We are a Year 8 class and part of the Kereru Syndicate. For the students beginning this year as part of Room 4, welcome to the next step in your learning journey. It is a time to take on new challenges and get involved in all of the exciting events and learning that we have planned for you as second year students of Birkdale Intermediate. Welcome also to Room 4 parents. I look forward to meeting you at teacher/parent information evenings and school events. I encourage you to introduce yourself to me and to be involved in the your children’s learning. Your children are at a vital stage of their learning and development, and they will require your time, support and interest. As part of our classroom programme Room 4 students will be learning French and Te Reo Maori. This is an opportunity for them to be introduced to an international language and the culture of that country as well as the unique culture and traditions of New Zealand.

Term 1 – This is the term for developing the routines and habits for success at school and beyond. We will learn about being a community of learners and the skills that will enable children to continue to be successful.

Homework: Organisational habits and independent work habits will be encouraged through homework. I request that parents support this by signing the homework diary at the end of each week, and by helping your children to be organised in establishing nightly homework routines to enable them to work around other duties and commitments. The homework diary is also useful for communicating between home and school.

Our first thinking-based unit this term will be a Science unit called: “Let The Buyer Beware” examining the geology of our local surroundings. Reading and Writing has a focus on poetry. Mathematics this term begins with Number and Algebra (place value, addition and subtraction), and finishes with Geometry and Measurement (estimating and measuring). There are many other events during the term to look forward to such as Swimming Sports, Meet the Teacher Evening, Softball, Shore to Shore Fun Run, and boys and girls Cricket Zone days. I encourage all children to take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

Term 2 – We kick off the term with “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. This Quest encourages students to look into the true spirit of sportsmanship. Students should also start thinking about interesting topics to investigate for Science Fair. English, this term, focuses on Myths and Legends from New Zealand and around the world. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (multiplication and division), Statistics (grouping – constructing and interpreting). This term we also have our first written academic reports and student led conferences.

Term 3 – Our thinking-based unit for this term will be “Waste Not, Want Not”. This unit aims to get students thinking about and being active in establishing a zero waste environment. Reading a novel is the focus for this term and students will write their own short story. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (fractions, ratios, percentages and decimals), and Geometry and Measurement (symmetry, transformations and angles) and the school and North Shore Mathex competition. Further events include the School Production, Cross Country and the Ball for Year 8 students.

Term 4 – Our last Quest for the year is “Filemoni’s Dilemma”. Using Skillful Compare and Contrast, students have to decide whether Filemoni stays in Samoa or comes to live in New Zealand. For Reading, students will research three well known but controversial identities, Robin Hood, Guy Fawkes and Ned Kelly to decide if they are Heroes or Villians! Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra (patterns and relationships), Geometry and Measurement unit 3 (time, date and change, shape and space, location and bearings). Students also have Athletics, EOTC week, and final academic reports to look forward to.

I am looking forward to working closely with students and parents to ensure a successful year for all. Please contact me at school by phone or email, or alternatively by using the homework diary, if you have any concerns or queries.
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Kind Regards,
Vikki Glenn

November 21, 2012 |

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