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Matt Sides Room 8

Welcome to all parents and students of Room 8.

The beginning of Year 7 means a lot for both parents and students. The first half of this term will be an exciting and challenging time, learning new structures and routines for the class and the school. I hope to meet with all parents at the Parent-Student-Teacher conferences to discuss your child’s goals for 2016 and how we can best support their learning.

Intermediate school life is all about opportunities! Please take the time to discuss daily events as well as upcoming events, but most importantly encourage your child to participate in anything or everything Birkdale Intermediate School can offer.

I would like to encourage our families to take an active role this year by checking that your child has completed the tasks that they have been set and homework diaries are signed. These tasks are given to help strengthen the week’s lessons and should take approximately 40 minutes each night. The link and communication between home and school is of vital importance so please offer children your time, support and interest to encourage success in their learning.

Our 2016 topics: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Visual and Oral Language, Te Reo Maori, Japanese, Social Science and Science, Health and Physical Education, Block Sport, Technology, The Arts, Library and Homework.


Our major quest this term is ‘Let The Buyer Beware’, which looks in depth at the geology of the Takapuna area, in particular the volcanic activity. Our transactional Writing and Visual Language poster will be integrated with this topic. English includes looking at the different forms of poetry and using the Three Level Guide strategy to enhance their learning.

We will concentrate on Number/Algebra and Measurement for Mathematics. PAT testing will also take place this term.

The first term major events include Shore-to-Shore Fun Run, the 40hr Famine and of course our school swimming sports held at Birkenhead College. This term, the students will have the opportunity to trial for the Softball, Tag and Cricket zone days. This term will also be an opportunity for parents to attend the Meet the Teacher evening.


Our first Quest will be ‘Disaster Strikes’ where the students will learn about the Thinking Skill ‘Making A Well Founded Judgement”. Science Fair is a major event in Term 2 and follows on from ‘Disaster Strikes’. Students will learn about fair testing strategies. Parents are encouraged to spend time with their child choosing a relevant topic and helping with this at home.

For Reading we look at myths from around the world and students will produce their own myths in Creative Writing. Students will also get to write their Speeches and present these to the class. Please have them practice saying these out loud with you at home.

We will continue with our Maths units (Number/Algebra and Geometry) with a focus on Statistics near the end of the term to align with our Science unit.

The first written academic reports are sent home at the end of the term and there will also be Parent Teacher Interviews after the reports have been received.


Following on from the Science Fair we are studying ‘Faster Higher Stronger’ for our quest, which ties in with the Olympic Games. Students will make a ‘well founded judgement’ to decide whether athletes can live up to the true spirit of sportsmanship. Please contact me if you or someone you know, competes in high profile sports and would like to share their expertise in this area.

Mathematics will continue with our Number and Algebra units as well as the Geometry and Measurement units near the end of the term.

Our literacy program is based on the ‘Nitty Gritty’ novels. The Three Level Guide strategy will be a major focus in this unit.

Visual language we will be doing a film study.

This term sees Birkdale Intermediate hold its traditional school production, which is always a great success, as well as the School Cross Country.


Our quest for Social Studies is ‘Filemoni’s Dilemma’. Students will ‘skillfully compare and contrast’ life in New Zealand and Samoa to decide whether Filemoni and his family should emigrate.

Our Maths program will continue with the Number/Algebra and Geometry/Measurement units.

The Reading and Writing units will be based on ‘Heroes or Villains?’ and looking at a range of biographies. They will also define what makes a hero or villain.

Oral language will allow students to listen and analyse various texts.

Year 7 EOTC (Education Outside The Clasroom) is this term, as well as the school Athletics Day.

Students will be given their Final Written Academic Report at the end of this term. EOTC week for all students is also in Term 4.

You can keep up to date through our weekly school newsletter the ‘Birkdale Bulletin’, which comes home every Friday. It has articles on our activities and successes. I encourage you also to “like” our Birkdale Intermediate School Facebook page, which is another way to keep up to date with the school successes. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any queries or concerns



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