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Amber Irving: Room 11

I am so pleased to welcome you to Room 11 for your first exciting year at Birkdale Intermediate! Students will be given plenty of opportunities to ‘Strive for Excellence’ and showcase their abilities as independent learners.

Term 1 – We will begin this year investigating the Science Quest ‘Let The Buyer Beware.’ This Quest sees students study the geology of the Takapuna area to determine which property could be the best to purchase and why. We will also be undertaking a field trip for this Quest to discover more about the geology first hand.
Our English programme begins with Poetry from around the world and an introduction to the ‘Connect, Extend, Challenge’ reading strategy. During Reading, students will analyse poems as well as craft their own poem in a given style for Writing.
Throughout the year, Mathematics will focus on developing core Number, Algebra and Measurement skills. As independent learners, we will also have a focus on developing problem solving strategies using real world examples. Ensuring the students continue to strengthen their basic facts also remains important.
Students in Room 11 will have the opportunity to learn French as their second language. There will also be a focus on Te Reo Maori throughout the year as a part of our classroom programme.
School wide events this term include; school swimming sports, the Shore to Shore fun run, and an opportunity to meet the teacher. We also have Korean exchange students joining our classes for several weeks as part of a cultural exchange.

Term 2 – Our major Quest this term links with the recent Commonwealth Games and Winter Olympics. ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ sees students make a well founded judgment regarding the pressures that athletes face and how they can live up to the true spirit of sportsmanship.
During Reading, students will be studying ‘Myths and Legends’ from around the world. They will learn the characteristics of myths and craft their own myth during Writing.
The Science Fair is always a highlight of the academic year and students will need to select a topic to investigate and present their findings. This will begin in the second half of the term, and will be completed over the holidays for presentation during the third term. It is imperative that students begin to research topics that they are passionate about well in advance.
At the end of this term, students will receive their first written report as well as Parent Interviews. It is important that you make this time a priority to discuss your child’s progress and be able to share in their success.

Term 3 – Our major Quest for the third term is ‘Disaster Strikes’ where students investigate how emergency funds should be prioritised after a natural disaster. This is particularly significant following the 40 Hour Famine where we are raising money to support the children of the current refugee crisis.
Our English programme is centered around ‘Novel Studies’ where students will apply their knowledge of the ’Connect, Extend, Challenge’ strategy to both analyse a novel and create a piece of writing in a chosen style.
The Production is a major event in the life of our school with many students and teachers working hard to present a quality presentation that showcases our talents. There are many opportunities not only on stage but also behind the scenes so be prepared to get involved. Other school events this term include the school cross-country, and a host of sports field days.

Term 4 – The final term is packed full of exciting experiences such as EOTC week, Athletics Day and end of year prize giving.
Filemoni’s Dilemma’ is our last major Quest of the year. Students will skilfully compare and contrast the differences between two cultures and present detailed findings that show the depth of their research.
During English, the students will study ‘Biographies’ during our ‘Heroes and Villains’ unit. Students will compare the stories of Ned Kelly, Robin Hood and Guy Fawkes and decide which one most deserves to be called a hero and why.
Parents, your children can expect homework each week. This will include a variety of spelling, mathematics, reading and research activities that relate to our classroom programme. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any concerns, feedback or questions. The students all have access to ‘Google Classroom’ which supports their learning at home.

Our weekly school newsletter ‘Birkdale Bulletin’ is emailed home each Friday and you can also like our official page on Facebook to keep up to date.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and working with you during 2018!
Amber Irving

November 18, 2012 |

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