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Kate Brown: Room 12

Parents and students, welcome to Room 12! We are a Year 8 class and part of the Kiwi Syndicate. I am looking forward to getting to know you and having a wonderful 2018. Parents and caregivers, I look forward to meeting you at the teacher/parent information evening on Tuesday 20th February in Week 4. We have a busy and exciting year planned. Students, this year you will consolidate the skills you have already learnt and use them in challenging new ways!
Homework will be given out and collected in every Monday. Students will be able to access homework instructions on our Google Classroom website as well as in their homework diary. We will be setting positive homework habits by using our diary to organise students extracurricular commitments and weekly homework. Parents, you can support positive homework habits by ensuring your child does their nightly reading, asking to see their Dragon Maths books and testing them on Spelling and Basic Facts. You can use the Homework diary to communicate between home and school and please sign the diary every week.

Term 1 – The year kicks off with our first Quest titled “Let the Buyer Beware”. This Quest sees students study the geology of the Takapuna area to determine which property could be the best to purchase and why. We will also be undertaking a field trip for this Quest to discover more about the geology first hand.
Mathematics begins with Number and Algebra, place value, addition and subtraction and finishes with Geometry and Measurement, estimating and measuring. Poetry from around the world is the focus of our English programme this term. Students will learn how a culture’s identity and beliefs are portrayed through poems.
Other events in Term 1 include; School Swimming Sports and Shore to Shore fun run.

Term 2 – “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is our Quest for this term. It is a Social Studies Science unit and it is timed to coincide with the Commonwealth Games. This Quest asks our students to investigate the difficulties athletes face in exercising their rights and meeting their responsibilities in living up to the true spirit of sportsmanship. Although it has a Games focus any sports person who has faced challenges could be a source of useful information. There is no one right answer here, it is the quality of the argument being put forward that is important.
The Science Fair is an important event in the life of our school. The class will be working on these during the second half of Term 2, and finishing work over the Term 2 holidays. Our school will then host the North Harbour Science Fair.
Mathematics will build on lessons learnt in Term 1 and focus on developing core Number, Algebra and Measurement skills. There will also be a focus on developing problem solving strategies using real world examples. During Reading, students will be studying ‘Myths and Legends’ from around the world. They will learn the characteristics of myths and craft their own myth during Writing. Written reports will be issued at the conclusion of Term 2 and this will be followed by Student Led Conferences.

Term 3 – The Production is a major event at Birkdale Intermediate. I will be encouraging students in Room 12 to take part as actors, prop makers or backstage crew. Mathematics for the term is Number and Algebra: fractions, ratios, percentages and decimals, and Geometry and Measurement: symmetry, transformations and angles. We will complete a novel study in Reading and develop strategies for questioning to understand how the author influences their readers. In writing we will write a letter to the author to demonstrate understanding of the issues and events experienced by the characters and give feedback on this.
“Disaster Strikes” is the major Quest for Term 2. It challenges students to prioritise needs following a disaster. After a disaster what is the best way to spend financial aid? The Science Fair is an important event in the life of our school. The class will be working on these during the second half of Term 2, and finishing work over the Term 2 holidays. Our school will then host the North Harbour Science Fair.
Other Term 3 events include our production, the school Cross Country, and a host of sports field days.

Term 4 – The final term will be here in no time!! EOTC week and Athletics day are the highlights of Term 4, but there is still plenty of classroom learning to be done. “Filemoni’s Dilemma” is the last major Quest of the year. Mathematics units for the term includes Number and Algebra: patterns and relationships, Geometry and Measurement: time, date and change. Reading and writing are focused on biographies of heroes and villains. This term’s events are Athletics, EOTC week, and the final academic reports to look forward to.

You can keep up to date through our Facebook page and our weekly school newsletter the Birkdale Bulletin which is emailed every Friday. It includes information about upcoming events and articles on our activities and successes.
Parents, your involvement in your child’s learning is critical for success. Each term a letter will be sent home outlining the new units of learning and it would be wonderful if you could talk to your child about these. Please feel free to contact me ( at school if you have any concerns, feedback or questions. You can also write notes into the homework diary or email.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all and working with you during 2018!

Kate Brown

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