Birkdale Intermediate School Board

Birkdale Intermediate School Board 


Principal: Mrs. JoAnne Sutton

Presiding Member: Ms Rachel Barnett

Board Member: Matua Shannon Leilua

Board Member:  Abi Mace

Board Member:  Matua Hone Matthews

Board Member:  Mrs. Rebecca Reti

Staff Elected Board Member: Mrs. Kylie Dalton

Secretary:  Ms Jenny Williams



Policies and Procedures 

Please see our Policy page for our up to date Policies and Procedures

Policy Self Review 2021



Board Meetings 2021

Term 1

Tuesday 16 Feb – Postponed due to Covid Lockdown

Tuesday 16 March – Approved Minutes from Meeting

Tuesday 23rd March – Approved Minutes from Special Meeting

No meeting in April due to School Holidays

Term 2

Tuesday 18 May – Approved Minutes from Meeting

Tuesday 15 June

No meeting in July due to School Holidays


Term 3

Tuesday 17 August

Tuesday 28 September


Term 4

Tuesday 26 October

Tuesday 16 November

Tuesday 7 December