Stationery Lists

Stationery Lists

School Stationery Costs

Year 7, 8 – $25.00

This cost covers all books and folders required in class for the school year.
All stationery items remain in subject rooms to prevent students carrying items from class to class.
This can be paid in person at the office (from Thursday 26th January, 2023), or via the Kindo Online School Shop.
Books and folders will be delivered directly to your child’s class.

Students will also be required to purchase and bring to school the following items which they will take to all of their classes. All items should be named.
Please note that these stationery items will need to be renewed throughout
the year as students use them.

Pencil Case 1
HB Pencils 2
Blue Pens 2
Fine Black Tech point pen 1
Red Pens 2
Highlighter 1
Ruler 1
Glue Stick 1
Colouring Pencils (12 pack) 1
Scissors 1
Gardening Gloves 1

School Uniform:
You can purchase our school uniform from the Warehouse in Glenfield Mall. The culottes can be purchased from Yarntons in Birkenhead.
A full list of our uniform requirements can be found on our school website. Please note that a school hat is compulsory for Terms 1 & 4.
We have a small supply of second hand uniforms. We will sell these from the library on 26th January.
Please subscribe to our school app and facebook page where we will send notifications of opening times early next year.
Please download the Kindo App and set up your child’s account. You can pay for stationery, EZ Lunch, school trips and events, fundraisers and sports team fees via this app.

Please download our School app, like our Facebook page and bookmark our website to ensure you are receiving all notices throughout the summer holidays and into the school year.
We also send Newsletters via email so please make sure the office has your most up to date email address.